Personalized inner-life coaching

"Don't gamble with the most precious thing you've got - - your happiness."

-Yogi Jai Dev Singh

I am honest. All the time. Emotional honesty has been a repeating theme in every positive-polarity being I have ever channeled, as honesty is a very high vibration. It is with emotional honesty that we make the biggest leaps in our personal evolution. It is safe to be your authentic self. It is safe to be you.

Every session is personalized based on what YOU need.

We will begin our sessions with basic breathwork, grounding and shielding due to the energetic and spiritual nature of this work. We will invite your higher self, personal guides, and  positive-polarity beings whom wish to help support your growth and development. We will channel any information or insights they wish to share. Channeling is very common during these sessions, but be aware that it is not always with words. Oftentimes, they will suggest exercises or direction for the conversation. After all, they are not here to do the work for us, but to guide us toward our own realizations, empowerment, healing and joy.

Blind spots, limiting beliefs and other blockages will be revealed through conversation. We will often use guided visualizations or meditation. We'll clear out the inner-clutter. You'll reconnect with the innate wisdom inside you.


Stephanie, USA

OMG! You're SPOT ON. I'm tearing up, I can't believe it. You are healing so many souls!

Isabell, USA

Melanie is capable of channeling a variety of beautiful, loving energies and her perception of what was going on in my life  and etheric body was VERY accurate. I felt a ton of synchronicity with what she was "seeing" and a ton of it resonated. I found myself repeatedly saying, "Melanie was right!"

Connie, Ireland

Only recently have I worked with Melanie in a consistent way, to release some deeply seeded emotional blocks going all the way back to almost infancy. Since finishing my sessions with her I have come to truly enjoy more freedom in my life, less hesitation, and certainly less anxiety about the future. I attend Melanie to help me work through these emotional blocks and Boy! Did she clear them in the most unexpected yet gentle of ways. Personally, I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a practitioner and really enjoyed the benefit of finding one who had what I needed to live a freer and happier life.