"The fundamental rule of nature

is cooperation."

-Gregg Braden 

Life is about collaboration, not competition. This page is dedicated to sharing our top resources with you in an effort to enrich and uplift the Human Spirit.


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The safest place on Earth to participate in Ayahuasca ceremonies.

This is the place where miracles happen, and we mean that literally. Don't just take our word for it, read the reviews (here) to see for yourself. Our own, personal transformation skyrocketed at Rythmia. Ayahuasa literally rewires the neurons in your brain to release old thought patterns and habits that no longer serve you. If you're looking for deep and lasting transformation in your life, you'll find it here. See the videos below for more info.

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The most powerful form of breathwork we've ever encountered.

We've seen this modality turn alcoholics around as well as bring deep peace to those suffering with cancer. This breathwork functions by increasing your vibration to a high frequency, one many people can literally feel buzzing their body, then calling forth dense, lower-vibrational emotions to come up and be released and transformed. The videos below explain this process in depth. 

The Best Transformational Breath® Links


We don't take ourselves too seriously around here. Let's move disclosure along through humor!

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