"The fundamental rule of nature

is cooperation."

-Gregg Braden 

Life is about collaboration, not competition. This page is dedicated to sharing our top resources with you in an effort to enrich and uplift the Human Spirit.




The Sandia Mountain Crew


Art by Su Walker.

So, we love this group. This is the most authentic, genuine, and congenial group we've found readily available to converse with. We highly recommend following their Twitter feed as this is their primary form of interaction. Su Walker is the channel through which the Sandia Crew speak. You can speak to them in your language since the Sandia group understand all languages. Su also channels fantastic works of art of the crew at their requests, as well as those of other groups. Take a look at their website for a FREE telepathy primer (how-to guide). We recommend looking at the art as a form of contact-prepping. They consistently share tons and tons of information about who they are, their message, as well as answering countless questions that Earth humans have for them.  

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ET Let's Talk


This group is centered around CE5 and is run by a man named, Kosta. He has been helping to lead the CE5 effort for several years and runs his own retreats as well. Kosta has vast experience in the world of ET contact and is a jolly soul. His efforts have been crucial within the contact community and his website is well worth checking out for more information on the subject of contact work.

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David Wilcock


David is a polarizing force. People either love him or...not so much. The reason we endorse him is because of the vast amount of years and effort he has dedicated toward disclosure. His work is filled with overwhelming amounts of sources, and his research is impeccable. David has also opened our minds to the power of Sacred Geometry, such as pyramids. He has a ton of videos on Gaia.com called, "Wisdom Teachings" which explain the hidden sciences and backs them with documentation and resources. We highly recommend Wisdom Teachings as he is able to break down highly complex scientific data and concepts into easy-to-grasp knowledge. 

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Freddy Silva


We consider Freddy to be one of the foremost leader of crop circles. Be sure to check out his video proving just how inexplicable the phenomenon truly is, and how it can't possibly be of Human origin. His wit and English charm pair beautifully with a sharp intellect and deep curiosity for the world's mysteries. We had the pleasure of reading his book, "Secrets in the Field" and recommend it highly.

Books Worth Reading


Videos Worth Watching




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This documentary exposes political motivations for the government’s cover up of UFO phenomena: underground bases, reverse engineering of crashed UFOs, NASA’s shocking evidence of intelligent alien life, and a history of an ongoing alien presence on Earth.



After strange lights appeared in the night sky above the Woodbridge Airforce base in Rendelsham, James Penniston and Sergeant “C.J.” became conduits for these bizarre binary messages. More so, their encounters present us with a glimpse into advanced spiritual technology and the interdependence of multi-dimensional universes.


CROP CIRCLES Evidence of intelligence

Crop circles have been documented in written history since 1678, with one old text saying, "No mortal man was able to do the like." This lecture debunks the propaganda put forth that a couple of men are responsible for hoaxing all crop circles, ever. The phenomenon is real...and it's not Human.


We don't take ourselves too seriously around here. Let's move disclosure along through humor!

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