What can be better than achieving ET contact?

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We will journey within using ancient Kundalini Yoga along with the Oriental art of Qi Gong and sharpen our telepathic skills through telepathy games. Come connect with your tribe during this weekend intensive. Let's commune with intelligent beings outside of the Human race and come to a higher understanding on the mysteries of life and consciousness.


The goal of these micro-retreats is to come together as a cohesive group and send out invitations to benevolent, otherworldly and interdimensional beings for personal contact experiences. We do this by preparing our minds, bodies, and subtle-bodies through activating our prana (also known as chi or life-force energy). It is impossible to guarantee such contact, but we do our best to increase probability.


We will use ancient Yogic technologies of the body to activate the pineal gland and internal, energetic pathways. These exercises are simple, yet powerful, and can be done by anyone. (Don't worry, we won't ask you to throw your leg around your neck like a scarf.)


Like any skill, telepathy is best developed through practice. We will all come together and hone our sixth sense in fun and entertaining ways. Automatic writing, a cousin of telepathy, will be taught by Melanie during each micro-retreat as well.


From beautiful Costa Rica comes Sister Cocoa -- pure, 100% cocao -- prepared specifically for ceremonial use. We will help you set an intention and thank our dear Sister for her gentle guidance while listening to authentic quartz crystal singing bowls. This is perfect for tuning our body, mind and spirit, with simultaneous releasing of what holds us from our own peace and joy.


Welcome to the most comprehensive weekend-intensive focusing on contact work. All activities, meditations, accommodations, and fieldwork are held within the beauty of nature to maintain a natural, organic connection with Mother Gaia as we tap into Cosmic Consciousness.

You will have opportunities to expand your being, raise your vibration, and radiate your light through multiple modalities, while tuning your frequency atop Earth's crown chakra; Mt. Shasta. Such efforts have proven to attract benevolent beings to genuine practitioners of inner-work and spiritual expansion. Here is what you can look forward to experiencing:

  • One hour in a powerful, meticulously crafted pyramid.

  • Group meditations under the stars to promote in-person contact with benevolent ETs and interdimensional.

  • Access to night vision monoculars.

  • Automatic writing workshop.

  • Guided meditation chosen for your own, personal highest good.

  • Guided Kundalini Yoga practices. (Easy yoga anyone can do)

  • Guided Qi Gong exercise to strengthen your life force energy.

  • Digital copies sent to your email of any documented sightings we may record.

  • Cacao and sound bath ceremony.

  • Discussions designed to stretch the realms of possibility and reality.

  • Telepathy games

  • Fresh, mineral-rich, living water straight out of the mountain.

  • Access to intuitive musical instruments such as quarts crystal sounds bowls, tongue drum, and lap drum.

  • Finding your tribe and those you resonate with.

  • Opportunities to chat with an intuitive, inner-life coach.

  • Discussions and tools for practicing inner-work.

Everything we focus on this weekend, from food to yoga, is geared toward naturally raising our vibration, so when you leave you will have a tool box of experience, and know exactly what resonates with you.

The hour-long pyramid meditation is hosted by a friend who built a genuine pyramid on Mt. Shasta which stands over 15 feet tall. To the best of our knowledge, it is the only pyramid constructed on a chakra point and was created using the Giza pyramid ratios. Your personal intentions within this sacred-geometric structure will be magnified over 1000 fold!

This retreat will foster high levels of emotional honesty within yourself and it is highly encouraged to allow yourself to feel all your feelings. This is a non-judgment retreat. 


​For the purpose of contact and the energetic work of the weekend, we ask all participants to refrain from consuming meat, processed sugar and processed foods. We DO highly recommend a diet of fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and clean water. Cooked organic rice with fresh veggies is always delightful, as well as nut butters with fruits, etc. 

Absolutely ZERO drugs or alcohol are permitted during the retreat. Anyone using these will be asked to leave the retreat without a refund. This is held very strictly for the physical, emotional and spiritual safety of everyone involved. Mind-altering substances are not necessary for contact work, can be inhibitory, and dissolve group cohesiveness.

Never camped before? Maybe you rarely camp?

Do you sit in the backyard and call that camping? No problem!

We have camping equipment you can rent.

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**It is IMPOSSIBLE to guarantee otherworldly contact.

However, we do our best to increase the probability.**

The Events

Shifting Reality
Fri, Aug 28
Mount Shasta
Aug 28, 4:00 PM PDT – Aug 31, 3:00 PM PDT
Mount Shasta, Mount Shasta, California, USA
This judgment-free micro retreat offers the chance to make inner, outer, and interstellar connections at one of Earth's powerful chakra points; Mt. Shasta!
Inviting Star Family
Thu, Aug 13
Mount Shasta
Aug 13, 4:00 PM PDT – Aug 17, 3:00 PM PDT
Mount Shasta, Mount Shasta, California, USA
This is our longest retreat of the year, which means more opportunities to make inner, outer, and interstellar connections at one of Earth's powerful chakra points; Mt. Shasta!
Awakening the Tribe
Fri, Jun 26
Mount Shasta
Jun 26, 4:00 PM PDT – Jun 28, 3:00 PM PDT
Mount Shasta, Mount Shasta, California, USA
This judgment-free micro retreat offers the chance to make inner, outer, and interstellar connections at one of Earth's powerful chakra points; Mt. Shasta!

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