Ian & Melanie

       "Love is timeless, ageless and ever-present in the soul-light of all others. Blessed are those who see the light and share in the omnipresent connection of unconditional love."     -- A loving, channeled being

      Melanie and Ian had crossed paths countless times, years before becoming the engaging couple they are today.  Grand Design had significant lessons for each of them before these two kindred spirits would realize they were, in fact, Soul Mates. Ian had first married into an abusive relationship which kicked off an eight-year Dark Night of the Soul lesson plan. Melanie had also come into a very dark and dismal four-year marriage. Despite consistent, committed effort, neither of them could find fulfillment, happiness, nor peace with their partners. Losses were cut, emotions were scattered, and life took on new meaning along unforeseen paths.

     Once Melanie and Ian came together, the buds of a beautiful relationship began to grow. These blossoms weren't without their thorns, and the two of them quickly realized that further, significant growth was required from the both of them. Each worked diligently on themselves and their union. Through determination, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, understanding, transformation and a love rarely found, this couple found their light and continue to shine it bright.

     Since their awakenings, they have deepened their spiritual growth through plant medicine, Transformational Breath, Kundalini Yoga, contact work, Reiki, the Emotion Code, deep excavation of the shadow-self, meditation, personal experience with the paranormal, and staunch research. They have traveled to Japan, Costa Rica, Peru, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, and Mt. Shasta in search of truth and enlightenment. Along the way, Melanie and Ian have shared company with fascinating individuals such as Gregg Braden, Jerry Wills, and the owner of Rythmia Life Advancement Center. And they won't be stopping there!

     After four years of intense inner-work, research and experience, they started ET Connections in 2018 to document and share their findings. In 2019, they launched Mountain Gate in an effort to bring such experiences into the lives of others who seek the deeper truths of life.



     Ian spent the majority of his boyhood and teenage years building his foundation in the forests of California as a Boy Scout as well as learning discipline and self-mastery through martial arts.

     After enduring a lengthy Dark Night of the Soul as a young adult, he picked up mindfulness practices and learned to question the narrative put forth by mass media and those in power.

     Ian worked as the Art Director for a multi-state corporation for three years during the beginning of his accelerated spiritual journey. It was during this time that he came to understand that his work directly promoted and beautified the destruction of Earth. Ian was consistently asked to use his artistic talents to create political propaganda in an effort to manipulate the 35,000 company members. Though the salary was more than comfortable, his morals and ethos were being corroded as well as his family life due to 12 hour workdays. Ian quit shortly after receiving a powerful message and vision to do so during meditation. He is now a dedicated, full-time dad giving his family far more time than his job ever allowed.



          Play. Love. Meditate. Repeat.

                 Oh, and sleep. And eat.                   

                                       Screw work.


           Melanie spent the majority of her childhood encouraging others and enjoyed seeing them thrive afterwards. Considered a "lucky charm", Melanie continues to encourage in a way that is aware of the subtle needs of the receiver. 
      Among other things, Melanie enjoys communicating with plants and animals, including the elements. While hiking with Melanie, be prepared to go off the beaten path as the spirits, ETs, elementals and other inter-dimensional beings play and invite us to experience new depths of reality. 

    "Dance through life, for walking is repetitious and dancing invites creativity," said some awesome channeled being.

     Though life didn't always feel like a dance with being an abuse survivor and other PTSD-related life events, Melanie never gave up on finding a healing path through the pain and out the other side -- desiring to light the path for others.

    Melanie began inner-life coaching (also known as 'shadow' coaching) in 2012 with friends and family and discovered that her innate, intuitive empath abilities involved channeling guardians, guides, relatives and other benevolent beings. 

     Able to zero-in on blockages, Melanie finds coaching a dharmic calling and could spend countless hours in this healing space with others as she, too, always finds something new to learn.

     "We are all teachers and learning from everyone we meet is truly enjoyable."
     A shaman at heart, Melanie loves to learn about healing modalities of all kinds. This ancient spirit arose in her when she was pregnant with her second child who had been diagnosed with a potentially fatal heart condition. After both Melanie and her son endured trauma during the grief-filled open-heart surgeries, she resolved to learn about natural healing, mindfulness and true health in order to save her son's life -- along with her own and her family's. 

 Unbeknownst to Melanie, her child's heart issue was a catalyst for remembering a true element of her own soul's passion.

     Melanie is a dedicated mommy who loves to cook yummy food for her children and hubby, go walking through the woods, make art and write books. 

     "Passion comes in many forms and our happiness is what life is all about."